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致敬張國榮音樂會 (for Leslie's Birthday 912)

活動地點:上海重慶南路308号3楼 MAO Livehouse
Address:  Chongqing South Road, no.308 3rd floor, MAO Livehouse, Shanghai
活動時間:2015年9月12日 PM 1pm - 5pm
Date/Time: Sept 12, 2015 (1pm-5pm)



.熱·情 Rave Party Sept 2015 (for Leslie's Birthday 912)

Leslie stayed in Crown Plaza Hotel during Passion Tour Concert (Shenzhen) and had celebration party there after the concert.

活動主題: 熱·情 Rave Party 2015 to celebrate Leslie's birthday
活動地點: 富苑皇冠假日套房酒店三樓 富苑殿(深圳羅湖區南湖路3018號)
Address: Crowne Plaza Hotel, 3018 Nanhu road, Shenzhen
活動時間: 2015年9月13日 (周日) 12:00-17:00
Date/Time: Sept 13, 2015 (12pm-5pm)




I am back from August vacation!  Stay tuned for my vacation photos highlights.


updated on Aug 30th 2015  ( 張國榮  側面 - 1987 最受歡迎男歌星 )     










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