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May 2002


May 12, 2002   Attended Concert

Leslie attended a Japanese singer's concert on May 10th evening.

Leslie, long time no see! How are you?



May 16, 2002   New Film


Recently, there were rumours about Leslie having 'weird' experience (ghosts kind of thing....). Yesterday, Leslie clarified with the reporters saying, '.... that's absolute nonsense, no such thing at all, sometimes, playing mahjong could cause me not being able to go to sleep too! Anyway, thanks for everybody's concern. There is nothing wrong with me.' Leslie also said '..... it is true that I have taken some holidays off, that's because of the new film, as it's the first film that I am going to direct, quite a lot of pressure. At present, I am still changing the story outline......'

When the reporters asked him how to relax, he joked and said '....oh, that's enough!..... well, massage and playing mahjong normally can help.'

Leslie, take good care of yourself. Look forward to watching your new film!



May 17, 2002   'Dream League'

There were lots of rumours about Leslie recently, in fact, he has been busy with his new company 'Dream League' in Tsim Sha Tsui. Leslie has started renting the place last month, the new office is now fully decorated.

In the last few days, Leslie has been busy preparing his new film in his new office. The new film is called 'Stolen heart', about two men fallen in love with the same woman.

Congratulations, Leslie! I like the name of your new company. I t might be even better if you call it 'Dream world'! haha!



May 18, 2002   Charity

Leslie will be helping to promote the 'End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation' charity on May 20, 2002.

The main aim is to gather attention from general public, through public speeches, activities, discussions and regular monthly donation of 50 HK dollars or more, to support and expand the 'End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation'.



May 21, 2002   Charity


Leslie attended the 'End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation' charity on May 20, 2002.

Wearing glasses? heehee! You do look cute, Leslie!



May 25, 2002   Nokia


Leslie attended mobile phone Nokia's promotional event on May 23rd. He didn't accept any interviews, however, he said on the stage '.....due to the pressure from the new film, my mind is a bit under stress recently.....there is a star 'Leslie', I am very happy, I will give it to all fans who have been supporting me for years'

Leslie, take care.