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January 2002


Jan 5, 2002   New Year Party

from OrientalDaily

The night before (Jan 3), Leslie held a New Year party at his house. The guests started arriving around eight o'clock. At about 9 o'clock, the reporters heard 'New Year' cheers coming from Leslie's house. The guests started leaving at about eleven, although Anita was a bit drunk and has to be helped by Leslie and another friend when leaving, she still didn't forget wishing the reporters Happy New Year!



Mar 5, 2002   Chau Kar Ling birthday party

from StarEast

Leslie attended Valerie's birthday party. She is one of the actresses in 'Inner Senses'.



Mar 7, 2002   Pay visit to Cecilia Cheung

from MingPao

from OrientalDaily

from The Sun

Cecilia Cheung hurt herself in a charity show, Leslie paid visit to her in the hospital yesterday (Jan 6) evening. Leslie arrived at about 11:00pm and stayed for an hour. Cecilia Cheung's agent (in photo) thanks Leslie for his concern.



Jan 12, 2002   Art Exhibition

Leslie attended Kam Tung Chi Ping's art exhibition yesterday. He stayed there for about one hour.



Jan 14, 2002   Wong dated Leslie!

from The Sun

On Jan 12 night, Wong dated Leslie to Alabar in Happy Valley to discuss plans for new films.



Jan 14, 2002   TVB Solid Gold Best Ten Award

from StarEast

Leslie presented the 'Best Award' to Anita in last night's TVB Solid Gold Top Ten Award Ceremony.



Jan 15, 2002   Visited Cecilia Cheung in hospital     (from stareast, Show8)

Leslie visited Cecilia Cheung (who has got injured during a TVB charity show a while ago) after the TVB Solid Gold Top Ten Award Ceremony on Jan 13. He arrived the hospital at about 11:00pm and stayed for about 45 minutes.



Jan 16, 2002   Dinner out with relatives and friends

from OrientalDaily

from The Sun

Leslie invited close relatives and friends for dinner the night before (Jan14 ). There were about 10 guests include Leslie's sister and her husband (McTherson), Chow Yun Fat etc.. Leslie arrived at 7:30pm and finished dinner at about 9:40pm.