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February 2002


Feb 2, 2002   Go drinking in Ala bar

from The Sun

The night before, Leslie and 'Sing Ho' film company owner Wong went drinking in Ala Bar in Happy Valley. Leslie dressed in black that evening. After chatting with Wong for a few hours in the bar, they came out at about 1:45am. Leslie looked happy and didn't refuse to be filmed by the reporters.
When the reporters asked if they were discussing about new film plans, they just gave a smile but didn't reply.
Later, reporters phoned Wong, he said that he was discussing with Leslie about the 'Sword' film that night.



Feb 9, 2002   Flew to Korea

from The Sun

Leslie flew to Korea yesterday night to discuss a new film with Sung.

Leslie, are you going to direct the action film? That's my favourite sort of films! Look forward to it!! Wish you all the best!