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September 2001


Sept 14, 2001   Leslie's birthday party

from The Sun

 Sept 12th was Leslie's 45 years old birthday. To celebrate his birthday, he has arranged a private party in Hoi Doe restaurant in Sun Hung Kei Centre in Wanchai. To avoid his guests being disturbed by the reporters, Leslie has arranged them to arrive much earlier to play mahjong, then followed by the celebration. Pak Suet Sin has also attended the party.

The day before his birthday, Leslie went to the Jockey Club in Happy Valley in the afternoon. He was in jolly good mood that day, meeting his friends there to have a meal to celebrate his birthday beforehand.



Sept 21, 2001   New Film (Unicorn Hunt)

Lam's film company will invest 600 million in 10 new films. The first one will be 'Unicorn Hunt' with Leslie as the main actor. The company's deputy director said, '...although our main aim is focused on next year, however, in the coming November, we will start filming the action film Unicorn Hunt with Leslie as the main actor. The entire film will be shot in Europe.....'

Unicorn Hunt is about Leslie grew up in Rangoon. The prolonged civil war has changed his view upon life and became an international criminal. The film will be shot in London and Europe.

Really??? Part of the film will be shot in London?? Whereby?? See you around!!
Aey! Leslie! Does the film require a bank or front office dealing floor?? heehee..... Can use the one I am working in! It's one of the biggest global bank in the world!



Sept 22, 2001 New Film (Inner Senses)

Leslie will be acting as a psychiatrist in the new film Inner Senses. The film will start shooting beginning of next month (Oct). In the film, Leslie will have a moustache. He is currently keeping fit for the film.