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February 2001


Feb 2, 2001   Attended Good Friend's Birthday Party     (from AppleDaily)

Leslie attended his good friend Eunice Lam's birthday party the night before. He has known her for more than 20 years.
When reporters asked Leslie what surprise he was going to give Eunice, he joked and said "With me appearing in her party! I have known her for a long time, she is a very nice person."
When the reporters asked Eunice about Leslie, she said "Indeed, we have known each other for a long time! From the beginning of his career up till now! Although he didn't sing in the party, yet he has made lots of jokes which made the atmosphere really good!"



Feb 12, 2001   Attended Gun Competition as Special Guest     (from AppleDaily)


Leslie attended a gun competition as special guest yesterday in Tsuen Wan. During the competition, someone suggested Leslie to give it a go. Leslie laughed and said, '....no thanks, do you think we are filming now?....'
When being asked what he has been doing over Chinese New Year, he said '.....didn't go out much over the Chinese New Year.......... just had some winnings........'
Leslie only stayed for a short while to present the prizes as he has to film MTV afterwards.

So, Leslie, did you get the winnings from horse racing? Or mahjong? heehee....... it's not the amount of winnings that matters, it's the good luck that matters! Sounds like a good start of the year! Well done!



Feb 13, 2001   New Film in April     (from Stareast)

Leslie will be filming a new film in April in Spain together with Anita Mui.



Feb 16, 2001   Passion Tour VCD     (from Mingpao)

UMG is aiming to release Leslie's concert VCD in early March.



Feb 16, 2001   Concert Tickets     (from Mingpao)

Leslie will be holding additional concerts in HongKong between 11 April to 16 April. Tickets will be available for sale on 24Feb2001.



Feb 17, 2001   Leslie's New House is Highly Secured     (from The Sun)


Leslie has got 'Ghurkha' look security guards 'looking after' the new house.
German Shepherd in the garden waiting for any intruders!!



Feb 17, 2001   Dragons Bring Good Luck!     (from The Sun)

There is a pair of gold dragons on Leslie's house's roof top to bring good health and money luck.



Feb 17, 2001   Passion Tour VCD Released

Leslie's concert VCD has already been released yesterday (16 Feb 2001)



Feb 17, 2001   New Autograph 'Leslie Cheung in China'

Leslie will be releasing his new autograph 'Leslie Cheung in China' as an adds-on to his concert in Hong Kong in April.
During Leslie's concert tour in mainland China, the publisher of Leslie's previous autograph 'All of Leslie' has sent out photographers to take pictures throughout the entire journey.
In addition to this, Leslie also went to Beijing to take some daily life photos to be put in this new release.



Feb 21, 2001   Leslie Wins The Grand Prize in Mainland China

'China Year 2000 Original Music Final' ceremony will be held in Guangzhou this coming Saturday Feb 24, 2001. Leslie has won the grand prize 'Year 2000 China Most Successful Person'.
The ceremony will be held in TinHor Stadium (ie the same one that Leslie held his Passion Tour Concert in Guangzhou).
This event has been checked and authorized by the cultural department in mainland China.
Leslie will be attending the ceremony to receive the prize.

Leslie, congratulations!! Well done! Proud of you!



Feb 22, 2001   Phone Interview with Leslie

Reporters had a phone interview with Leslie yesterday (Feb 21).
When mentioned about the prize that he will be obtaining this Saturday, Leslie said happily, '...Thanks everybody's support...'
When reporters asked if Leslie is going to put in some new thoughts for this coming concert in April, Leslie joked and said, '......those previous concerts are already perfect, aren't they? I think I will probably add some new songs that I haven't sang in the previous shows. This time, I am not aiming to stand out, I will keep the Angel to Devil theme in my concert, together with the everlasting Passion!!...'
Some Japanese and Hong Kong fans are planning to sleep in the street in order to get the good tickets. When Leslie heard that, he joked again and said, '......everytime when my name appears, this happens! haha!..... hopefully they won't use any violence......'
As Leslie wants to welcome people of different ages (ie suitable for the entire family), there will be only two types of tickets in this coming concert, 400 HK dollars and 150 HK dollars.



Feb 25, 2001   Year 2000 Original Music Final in Guangzhou, China    

from AppleDaily

from Mingpao

from OrientalDaily

'Year 2000 Original Music Final' ceremony was held in Guangzhou yesterday (Feb 24, 2001) night.
Leslie arrived Guangzhou in late afternoon. Being a super-star, Leslie did not stay in the hotel that has been arranged by the ceremony organizer. Instead, he has chosen to stay in the White Swan Hotel (six stars) by himself.
Leslie was presented with the grand prize 'Year 2000 Most Successful Person in China'.

Leslie, very happy to see that you are in jolly good mood! Congratulations!!



Feb 25, 2001   Sexy Look on the Stage in Guangzhou, China

from Show8

Last night (Feb 24, 2001), in the 'Year 2000 Original Music Final' ceremony, Leslie appeared on the stage at around 11:00pm. Leslie wore a shiny jacket with a black see-through shirt.
The climax came and everybody was cheering and screaming when he took off his jacket leaving just the see-through shirt.
Leslie sang two songs, 'Big Heat' and 'Me'.



Feb 26, 2001   Leslie Got Annoyed in Guangzhou Ceremony?

from OrientalDaily

In the 'Year 2000 Original Music Final' ceremony, rumours said that at first Leslie was the one to perform the final part, however, that has been swapped with Wong Kit due to Leslie getting annoyed after the long wait. Another version of saying was that Wong Kit's music company gave 'pressure' to the organizer to swap Wong Kit with Leslie as the final performer of the ceremony.

According to the first version of the story, Leslie arrived at 7:00pm and waited until 10:30pm, started getting annoyed, so the organizer shortened the other singers' performance time and let Leslie get the prize and perform first. After Leslie has left, Wong Kit 'automatically' became the final performer of the ceremony. Leslie knew about this only after he has gone back to the hotel. However, he did not mind not being the final performer of the ceremony. Leslie's agent Ada said, '.....no, Leslie was very happy all the time when he was waiting at the back stage, everybody was waiting, it was in a mess......it's only when we came back to the hotel that the ceremony organizer told us that Leslie was not the final performer of the ceremony, our response was ".....how come it's in such a mess??!!......" '

Wong Kit said, '.....I know nothing, when they told me it's my turn, then I went out.....of course I wouldn't dare to compete with GorGor, he is one level above me, even being the second last is already very good! Actually, I don't really care whether to be the final performer or not........'

Ceremony organizer Simon Tse said, '......Leslie didn't get annoy due to the waiting......he only arrived at around 10:00pm, many people were waiting......it's only because the person who presented the prize to Leslie cannot stay till too late, that's why Leslie has to get his prize first....... actually it doesn't really matter who is the one who perform the final......'

I find it really hard to believe that Leslie got annoyed due to the wait!! Although I am not in entertainment field, yet, common sense, I would have thought even though the performers might not know exactly the time for their turn, they will certainly know the estimate. Esp if Leslie has been told that he will be the final performer, he will certainly know roughly the time scale, getting annoyed due to the wait?! emm..... a bit hard to believe......
But in a way, the ceremony organizer is right to say that ' ...it does not matter who is the one to perform the final......'. Why? Because everyone knows who is the better singer!! Just making use of some sort of 'background' and 'elbowing' the way through to be the final performer doesn't mean that he is the best!!



Feb 26, 2001   Attended Eddie Lau's Birthday Party

from AppleDaily

Leslie attended good friend Eddie Lau's birthday party held in The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Wanchai on 23 Feb 2001.



Feb 27, 2001   Leslie Did Not Feel Unhappy At All

With regard to the news of Leslie getting annoyed due to the long wait in the Guangzhou ceremony, Leslie clarified and said, '..... not at all, I was very happy the whole night through, even if the organizer arranged me to be the first one is still fine to me, I have got no problems with the arrangements, Tse was with me that night, he can be the witness......'

When being asked if he has been waiting for long, Leslie said, '......yes, I arrived before 9:00pm, at that time they told me that there will be about 30 more items before my turn. I have already expected to wait. After my performance, I went back to the hotel, people told me that Wong Kit will be the final performer, as I have already got the prize, whether to be the final performer or not doesn't really matter.'

Leslie continued saying, '.....I have heard that the organizer wanted to apologize. There is no need to. I am very pleased with their arrangements. They have arranged a private dressing room for me. Tse was with me in the room chatting ......'

Yesterday, the ceremony organizer phoned the media and clarified that, '......the ceremony was indeed very long, the person who is responsible to present the prize to Leslie cannot stay too late, besides, there was communication problems between the director and the assistants, it should be Wong Kit to be called out first, yet turned out to be Leslie, but, anyway, both are just as important.....'

emm..... looks like my judgement was rather accurate! heehee..... as usual!



 Feb 27, 2001   Main Song in the coming Easter Album

Following is the link to Leslie's new song. Thanks to Wendy for providing the information.