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Cecilia's remarks on Leslie Passion Tour - Grand Finale 2001

For Leslie's Grand Finale 2001, I attended all 6 shows (April 11th - 16th) and was very happy to have seats in the front few rows in the centre by the stage.

Leslie's Passion Tour 2001 Grand Final was an event that I will never forget. His singing, performance, the music, lights, stage settings etc etc, all were so perfectly done. This time, the atmosphere was even better than last year in August in Hong Kong. I noticed there were many overseas fans, mainly from Japan and Shanghai. They were cheering from the start of the show until the end, every single night. Whenever it came to fast songs, everyone stood up and danced.

The run-down of the show was quite similar to the ones in last August. Other than including some new songs, the main difference was the ballet dancers for the songs 'Best Love' and 'Bewildered'. The part when he sang 'Bewildered' was the best, both singing as well as acting. Although it's similar to the MTV version, yet, the feel was so different when viewing it 'live', even better effect and feel.

In the last show, I was very lucky having a ticket right in the centre second row. I could see Leslie very clearly, even clearer than the one in Toronto, as the distance between the stage and the seats were much closer in Hong Kong than in Toronto. Just like previous nights, Leslie said hello to everybody. He also said he knew there were people from mainland China, Japan, Korea, Canada. But this time, he mentioned London as well! I was a bit surprised but very happy when I heard that!

Leslie sang some additional songs in the encore part that night. The atmosphere was very touching. Couldn't stop the tears when he sang '千千闕歌', the lines '......何年何月 才又可今宵一樣........', '.......明晨離別你 路也許孤單得漫長......'   Probably because I was leaving Hong Kong right after the concert that night, the feelings towards those words were much stronger.....

Although I have attended all six shows, yet, still, I wish there were more......